If you crave a bit a green space whilst staying in Manchester, then visiting this park is a must!

The Japanese Gardens, Tatton Park

The first time I entered the park from Knutsford village, I came face to face with some not so friendly deer who were eyeballing me as if they were going to charge at me! As beautiful as they were, I felt it was absolutely necessary to keep my distance. Thank God for the zoom lens on my camera!

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Keep away from the angry, wild deer’s!

The walking path up to the main house is a good 30 minutes on foot, but it is worth doing because it is such a pretty walk, meandering past lakes and forests until you arrive at the Mansion.

Beautiful scenery
Myself enjoying the lake views

Initially, I came here to attend an event with my family, called Tudors on Tour, but it turned out to be a bit lack-luster, and because it was a public holiday, it was also swarming with people, so I decided to go to check out the beautiful gardens instead. I had approximately an hour until my taxi would arrive, so off I went.

I love old vintage-looking carousels!

You will first come to a pretty, manicured garden with a gazebo and glass-roofed orangery before arriving at the gorgeous Mansion. The National Trust runs the entire property, so it is very well maintained. The gardens opposite are arranged in an Elizabethan style, which is absolutely stunning. After you have had a look around here, wander down the sloping hill and follow either the paths or the Alice-in-Wonderland style gap in the hedges to explore the gardens beyond. I picked a path at random and ventured off, passing by beautiful clusters of bluebells and other pretty flowers. I had this area to myself too, as it was nearly closing time, so there were no crowds around.

The Orangery
Tatton Park House
The gardens were full of beautiful flowers

The crowning glory of the entire park is the Japanese Gardens. They are truly beautiful. There are no tacky red bridges, just traditional stone and wooden archways, a shrine, Japanese inspired wooden buildings, ornaments and plenty of beautifully themed plants and flowers. I didn’t want to leave! Walking around the incredibly peaceful gardens and taking in my surroundings, I completely lost track of time. In fact, I had to run back to the exit as I had been well over an hour and it was past closing time.

The Japanese Gardens
The Japanese Gardens

The worst part was that I had to do the walk of shame past the staff as they stared at me with a look that said, ‘I have a life, you know!’ How embarrassing! Then I found my family and had to deal with the glares from them because I’d kept them waiting also… but it was totally worth it!

The Japanese Gardens

Tatton Park Gardens, Mereheath Dr, Knutsford WA16 6SG |

Thanks so much for reading my post of these beautiful gardens today. I loved my visit here so much. At first, the event I was attending turned out to be such a set down, but wandering around the gardens, especially the Japanese section was truly wonderful and really made up for a boring event. I can’t wait to return one day and check out the interior of the home. Have you ever been to Tatton Park? What did you think of the grounds? Leave me a message in the comments below.

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The deer by the entrance in the park
Tatton Park deer
More gorgeous scenery
This lovely garden is right by the big house
The front of the mansion
You can’t get more Georgian than an entrance flanked by pillars, cant you?
Beautiful Elizabethan-style gardens at the front of the mansion
Elizabethan-style gardens at the front of the mansion
Shall me head off to Wonderland???
The Japanese Gardens
The Japanese Gardens
The Japanese Gardens
The Japanese Gardens

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