I think this might be the most incredible church you will ever see!

How amazing is the interior of the Basilica? Though it is always very busy

When I first visited the basilica back in 2012, the Pope had just finished his address in Piazza San Pietro. It was so ridiculously busy that I can only assume that the entire population had turned up for the event. I was only in Rome for 36 hours this time, and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my day queuing, so I gave it a miss.

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The lovely exterior
A close up of the very intricate coffered ceiling

When I was back a few years later with my family, I knew I had to check it out, and it was well worth the wait. I didn’t think it was possible to see such a beautiful church! The queue wasn’t so bad this time around,  so we didn’t need to wait for very long. The only negative was dealing with the Pope’s guards. They are the ones who decide whether you are appropriately dressed for entry. Now I’m pretty modest and I don’t really like letting it all hang out, so I’m not going to rock up to a holy place without being covered up, yet my outfit didn’t seem good enough for the guards. I kept adding more

I love that much of the interior is made from blue, pink and white marble
Just look at that ceiling? It’s so beautiful

clothes, yet every time I came back, I was once again refused entry. Strangely enough, the younger girls who were wearing short-shorts and spaghetti-strap tops with their boobs popping out, they were absolutely fine! But me? I was starting to melt, as it was so hot. But I was determined to get in. Finally, I had the bright idea of turning my cardigan around the wrong way, so I was fully covered from the neck down, and even though people were staring because I looked like an absolute whopper, security finally decided to let me in!

I love the statues here of the angles. It’s like they are descending to heaven and watching over us

If you are female, trust me, don’t show any skin from your head down to below your knees. Despite all of this, it is definitely worth the hassle, so read on, as I tell you about the most spectacular church ever built!

The beautiful dome
A statue in the Basilica of a Jesuit priest

The basilica’s incredible interior is constructed from shades of pink, cream, and blue marble. This contrasts well against the white and gold ornately patterned coffered ceiling. Each section contains different designs, including floral patterns, prominent family crests and cherubs. Along the walls are statues of famous Jesuit Soldiers throughout the ages, who would go to war for Christ and fight for his honour. Make sure to take note of the beautiful paintings around the church showing images of Jesus from the bible.

St. Peters Basilica’s stunning interior view as you entre
The incredible canopy-style archway. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

The centrepiece of the basilica that will have you swooning is the black altar under the central dome. Sculpted in bronze, it is shaped into a canopy-like structure and designed by Glan Lorenzo Bernini in a baroque style. Just stand in front of it – crowds permitting – and admire how truly awesome it is. At almost 20 meters tall, you really can’t miss it. I guess that’s the point. View it from afar too, so you will see the light shining through the windows, and it looks like God is blessing the canopy. I’m not particularly religious, but it’s hard not to feel something when you are here – whatever religion you follow.   

Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Vatican City | |

The basilica’s exterior

Thank you for reading my post about my visit to the most beautiful church in the world. Are you planning a trip to Rome in the future? Did this post inspire you to visit here one day? Will you be visiting any of the places I have written about? Let me know in the comments below.

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Interior of the church
How amazing do the sunbeams look as they shine through the windows?
A close up of the canopy
St. Peters Basilica

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