Stuffed with the best on offer from around the world either stolen or acquired!

What an impressive building, don’t you think? It looks like it had come straight from Greece!

Set in a beautiful Georgian stone building with spectacular displays from across the globe including places such as China, America and Egypt, the British Museum is one of the most fascinating museums I have ever visited. Most of the exhibits come from places I would love to see but haven’t as of yet, which is why I think they hold so much mystery and intrigue.

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You first enter the museum through an impressive entrance lined with Greek-inspired columns and coffered ceilings, then opens out into a glass-roofed reception area flooded with light.

What a way to make an entrance than with a spectacular foyer like this

I only had around an hour to look around the museum and as I am a massive fan of all things Egyptian, of course I headed straight over to this section first and all I can say is wow! Just wow! The British Museum has such an amazing Egyptian collection that you

I love this impressive statue of Amenhotep III, dating back to 1350 BC
The museum has a wonderful collection of mummies on display

could spend hours just in this area alone. There is an impressive statue of Amenhotep III dating back to around 1350 BC, which came from a large temple in the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes, as well as many other artifacts and statues all displayed in chronological order.

One item not to be missed is the infamous Rosetta stone. On display is the only surviving piece of what was once a large rock inscription, which helps to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. There will be throngs of people around the stone due to how famous it is, but don’t let this put you off as it is a must-see when visiting the museum. It was stolen many years ago by the British, and on numerous occasions, the Egyptians have asked for it to be returned to where it belongs. But the UK Government isn’t interested in giving it back. What? Admit they are in the wrong? Never!

The infamous Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

There is also a fantastic Assyrian section. The British Museum holds one of the largest collections from this era outside of Iraq. One display that caught my attention was of a battle scene carved in stone featuring soldiers and lions fighting their enemies. The description says that the artist was forced to re-carve the lion’s tails again, as they had been made far too long! I thought this was especially funny and very pedantic. See what you think, but in my opinion, I thought the tails were fine!

From the Assyrian Section
From the Assyrian Section
After winning a battle in a neighbouring town, the Assyrian army carry off captured Gods728 BC

The plan next was to visit the rest of this fabulous museum, but as usual, I was kidding myself thinking I could see everything in an hour, so that is all I have seen so far. I later found out that they run a ‘Round the World in 90 Minutes’ tour, which will show you the different highlights in each section and the best pieces the museum has to offer. If you are short of time, I would definitely consider this as an option. For me, it’s the perfect excuse to go back someday and take my time so I can see everything… or maybe I will just take the tour too!

Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG | Book a guided tour here >>>>> |

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The detail on the mummies coffin is incredible
Such incredible detail
Cats were highly regarded in Egyptian culture and were regarded as intermediaries for the Gods
The beautiful coffered ceilings by the entrance. Don’t forget to look up

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