Meet Lindsay

Hi, my name is Lindsay Vine, and welcome to my travel blog. Travel for me is everything. I live for adventure and exploring new places.

Myself at Turros Head, South Coast NSW, Australia

So far, I have visited over one hundred towns and cities in 18 countries on three continents. I love searching for new places with my camera, as well as finding out about the history of a region and visiting local museums and attractions. But above all, my biggest love is for Castles! They are so fascinating and are almost like cities within themselves. I love to think about a time when countries were ruled by Kings and Queens, who had royal courts and fought in wars to protect their kingdoms. I know it’s a bit of a romantic fantasy, but I just find it all so exciting.

Kennedy Ranges National Park, Western Australia

I am not a lover of all things modern and contemporary. Unless it’s a nice, clean hotel. Generally, I find modern or contemporary art pointless and downright rubbish! Personally, I feel as though art is something you have made or painted, not an exhibit of an unmade bed! I have visited a few contemporary art museums and I generally leave after a few minutes, as it is all I can stand.

Game of Thrones tour, Northern Ireland

I think my love for travel started when I was six. I visited Spain with my family and loved it! Especially the flamenco dresses. I thought they were the stuff of fairy tales. I convinced my father to buy me my very own in turquoise with lots of white bows and ruffles. I used to think I was really exotic when I wore it back in the UK, but I probably just looked a bit strange.

When I was 24, shortly after graduating university, myself and a friend went backpacking around Australia for three months. It was the trip of a lifetime. I ended up staying for four years. Up until this point, I had lived in the UK my whole life and never felt settled or truly happy, but once I arrived down under, for the first time in my life, I actually felt at home. It was such a great feeling!

The Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle

But sadly, those wonderful four years had to come to an end, and I headed back to the UK. For the next seven years, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) pushed me to see as much of Europe as possible while I had it on my doorstep.

Being from Manchester, in the North of England, life in an industrious, cold and wet city wasn’t for me. I still craved the Australian lifestyle with its warmer weather. In 2018 myself, my husband and young daughter moved back down under and now, we currently live in a small town in New South Wales, along the South Coast, just a few minutes’ drive to the beach.

On Lake Windermere, The Lake District, Northern England

So why the blog? Well I want to share with you my experiences and tips that I have picked up from my travels around the world. So whether you are visiting a new place for one day, traveling on a budget, or holidaying with kids (trust me it can be done), there will be something here to help you.

But to get started, let me share with you my biggest tip of all. Just go with the flow. It is inevitable that things can, and do, go wrong. Trains will get cancelled, you will get lost, and attractions are going to be closed, even though you checked the website just last night! But all these experiences don’t have to detract from the fun, as they are all just another part of your exciting journey in the world of travel.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France