Relaxing on my throne at Newcastle Castle in the north of England

Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m a 38-year-old Northern English girl living in Australia and I am a travel addict! In the last few months, I have become a full-time travel blogger as I want to share with you my travel experiences from around the world. For me, the sense of adventure I feel when discovering new places is addictive. I love the unfamiliar streets, cultures, and incredible architecture, but above all, I love capturing it with my camera. So yes, I will be sharing many of my own pictures from the fantastic places I have visited because not only is photography a massive part of my travels, but I also want to show you that not everything looks like it does in the guidebooks.

Saying hello to the locals – Pebbly Beach, South Coast New South Wales, Australia

I currently live on the New South Wales South Coast with my amazingly supportive husband Zac and our crazy daughter Aria. We are surrounded by beautiful bushland, national parks, and stunning beaches. Life for me is pretty good right now, but a few years ago things looked very different. I was living in Manchester, in the UK, working in a call-center in the finance sector and feeling utterly miserable. I decided it was time for a change as life’s too short to be doing something I really didn’t enjoy. Myself and my family packed up our lives and emigrated to Australia. Now we spend most weekends off exploring our little slice of paradise and going on adventures, and usually, Aria can’t get in the car quick enough. She definitely takes after her mother!

Thala Beach Resort, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

So, where have I been? Although I have never been flush with cash, I have still managed to visit nearly 20 countries on three separate continents and over 100 towns and cities including the likes of London, Paris, New York, and Sydney. I haven’t seen every country on my bucket list yet, and that’s okay because as I discover new places and cultures for the first time, I want you to experience them with me as I blog about them. That way you will know I am coming from a genuine place and showing you an accurate account of my travels and not just using my blog as an opportunity to show off some polished photos. Seriously, who has perfect flowing hair walking around in heels looking pristine all day while exploring a bustling city? I am only going to share my own true to life travel stories from places that I have visited. I will admit that some may even be a little embarrassing, such as arriving at the airport on the wrong day, almost being lured down a dark alley in New York trying to buy some sold-out concert tickets from a scalper, or the night myself and my husband got lost in Barcelona looking for our hotel for so long that I thought we were going to have to spend the night wandering the streets.

Myself in Florence, Italy sat on the steps of the Duomo.

Travel never runs smoothly all of the time, but hopefully the tips I will share with you might help you to avoid the same mistakes I did as well as show you how to make the most out of your next destination, and who knows, I may even keep you entertained along the way. There’s nothing like a good laugh at other people’s misfortunes!

View from the coach as I travelled through Switzerland

Would I do it all again tomorrow? Absolutely! Why? Because the world is a fantastic place full of beautiful sights, cities, and landscapes. If I had let any of these experiences put me off ever travelling again, then I wouldn’t have gone scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and swam amongst sharks and sea turtles or hung out of a train window in Switzerland while heading to the highest point in Europe. Don’t worry, I’m not just going to tell you that everything is fantastic either, because some things are overrated and are not worth your money. When taking in my opinions however, you should bear in mind that I am NOT a fan of contemporary art, so my opinion may be biased in this area. I think it stemmed from when I was at college. I visited the Tate Modern Gallery on Liverpool Docks in the north of England. Seriously, watching a guy putting on around 10-12 jumpers, then sitting down afterward from exhaustion is an hour I will never get back! I also hate flying. It just gives me huge anxiety! That being said, I refuse to let it stop me from seeing the world as I don’t find anything more exciting than touching down in a new country and arriving at my hotel on that first exciting day.

Exploring MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) in Manchester, UK

Speaking of hotels, I love nothing more than a big buffet hotel breakfast to start off a full day exploring. I’m not going to lie; if they don’t serve chocolate pastries, then my whole trip is ruined! (Just kidding. Sort of…) So yes, I have a unique way of judging hotels by whether or not they have chocolate pastries on the breakfast menu, but if you are looking for a boring and sensible travel review, then you won’t find that here.

I also love a good museum, medieval history and royalty. I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with how people used to live before computers, mobile phones, and electricity became part of our everyday lives. I think that’s why one of my favourite countries is Italy. I loved it from the moment I arrived and began experiencing its fascinating history, stunning architecture, scenery, and world-class food.

A sunny day at Clifford’s Tower, York, England

Now that I am living within Oceania and having South East Asia on my doorstep, I have a whole new continent waiting to be explored. I am so excited about which country I will head to next when the world calms down and it is safe to travel again as I can’t wait to dust off my passport. In the meantime, let me share with you my travels from where I have already been. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, as much as I did writing about them.

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