An iconic square with a great atmosphere

The beautiful Leicester Square in London

I first went to Leicester Square as a teenager and thought it was the most awesome place. I especially loved the street performers. They were funny and always got the audience involved.

More than ten years later during my second visit, the entire atmosphere had changed as Christmas time was approaching. Myself and my husband Zac were in London for the day and we had a few hours to kill before we caught the train home, so we headed to Leicester Square. There were cute huts set up for a small Christmas Market and a Victorian-style Merry-Go-Round in the center. Christmas lights hanging from the tree’s also added to the festive atmosphere.

As we walked around, a guy approached us and asked if we wanted to try a free cocktail from a new bar that had just opened? Um… hell yes! My husband was a bit more cautious though. As the guy lead us to the bar, he whispered to me, “What if he’s luring us this way to try to murder us?” I couldn’t help but laugh!

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Zac ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and I think I ordered a Woo-Woo, as I remember drinking something fruity and red! Being that the cocktail was free, we both figured the drink would be the size of a shot glass, but wow, I love to be proved wrong – sometimes! They were massive and had so much alcohol in them that we both forgot that it was -8 degrees on the walk back to Euston Station. Oh, for the record, they tasted goooooood!

Anyway, I did some research when I got home and I’m pretty sure this was Ruby Blue Bar. It has a great view from the outdoor terrace over Leicester Square and the interior has a really dark and sultry Moulin Rouge vibe with red lamps, dark patterned wallpaper, and plush comfy chairs.

London at night, just off the South Bank

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