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There’s plenty of options for where you can stay in the ancient city of Rome, to suit everyone’s wallet. I have stayed in two completely different styles of accommodation on both of my visits here. The first place I stayed was definitely more of a budget-friendly option, but it still had great facilities including shuttle bus services and an internet café. The accommodation on my second trip to Rome was a huge upgrade and more of a ‘splurge’ option. This time I was in the city centre, close to several attractions. Depending on your budget, I would highly recommend staying at either of these establishments, so read on to see if they are right for you.

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Reception area

As far as cheap accommodation goes in Rome, Camping Village Roma really is a winner, but if you plan to sleep during your stay, I’d highly recommend bringing some earplugs, as it was very, very noisy. I was glad I only stayed here for a few nights. The rooms are simple, with single or bunk beds, wardrobes, and a basic en-suite bathroom. There was also a picnic table out front. It’s perfect for anyone on a tight budget that doesn’t want to spend too much time in their rooms and will be spending their days out exploring Rome’s attractions. I stayed in one of their simple cabins. It didn’t have a kitchen or a living room, but you can upgrade your accommodation to have these other amenities, if you wish. They have excellent facilities on-site as well, such as BBQs, an internet café, a general store, and an awesome pool and jacuzzi area with a kid’s park.

My cabin

Ciao Bella is a restaurant located within the complex. I wasn’t expecting too much as the prices were pretty cheap. I ordered a simple tomato-based pasta with bread and it was delicious! I suppose being in Italy, it is probably against the law to sell horrible food. On my second evening, I used the BBQ facilities to rustle up some dinner. I found this to be a great money saver which would be a good option if you are on holiday as a family or have a tight budget and are looking to save money.

They also have an airport shuttle which is so handy and very cost-effective, but the icing on the cake has to be the super cheap shuttle bus into Rome each day, leaving hourly for paying guests. It only cost me around €2:00 each way, and they drop you off near the Vatican. In the evening, I would catch the shuttle back, which was so convenient. I’m pretty sure the last bus from the city is around 5–6 PM. I was on a budget at the time and very tired from walking around all day, so by this point, I was happy to head back to the Resort, but double-check the bus times and prices as it has been a while since I stayed there.

Ciao Bella restaurant

I just want to give you a heads up that the internet here is terrible (unless they have updated it since my stay). It took nearly 15 minutes to load up a web page and by the time it finally did load, my money ran out. I could have paid for more internet time, but I think I would have spent a small fortune, so I didn’t bother.  

Via Aurelia, 831, 00165 Roma RM, Italy | Book Here though Hotelopia.


The front of Hotel Diplomatic

I stayed in this excellent hotel on my second visit to the city of Rome. It had a great central location with several museums and piazzas being just a short stroll away.

I found the room itself to be somewhat simple, but it was spacious and comfortable. The best part though was the bathroom. It had a bath! You will probably do a lot of walking around Rome, on hard stone surfaces, through ancient sites, so your feet will ache badly at the end of the day, and you can take full advantage of the beautiful bath, which even had a dividing wall for extra privacy. There is also a phone next to the toilet so you can do your business while doing your business, if you like that sort of thing!

Hotel Diplomatic

The breakfast served here is also very good. There’s a great selection of hot food, as well as fresh fruits and breakfast cereals, which were all delicious. Most importantly, they serve chocolate pastries – which is the most crucial part of a healthy breakfast… after coffee of course!

Via Vittoria Colonna, 28, 00193 Roma RM |

Thank you for reading my post on the places I’ve stayed in the ancient city of Rome. I absolutely love it here, and would happily return time and time again, as I still have so much more to see. I feel like I have shared two great options for you on possible places to stay while you’re here, which will accommodate different budgets. I know that over time, this list will definitely grow as I know I will be returning to Rome, being that it’s my favourite city. Have you been to Rome before? Where would you recommend I stayed on my next visit? Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. Yes the Camping Village is pretty awesome. I wish I had more photo’s to show it off to it’s true potential. I hope you head to Rome one day. It’s one of my favourite cities 🙂

    1. Thanks Charlotte! Yes the hotel was great and an awesome location too 🙂 I do hope you get to visit this amazing city as it’s just fantastic! If you’d like more info, check out my other posts on Rome 😀

  1. I have never been to Rome before but I would love to go there someday. I would love to visit camping village Roma, and hotel diplomatic. You’ve got some fab pictures here as well. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks Ruth I appreciate the feedback 🙂 I got lucky both times I was here I think. But I must admit, I did prefer Hotel Diplomatic. They have a great breakfast.

    1. Me too now that I’m a bit older Pedmar 🙂 even better if they have free breakfast. As I am now usually traveling with the hubby and my little girl, an apartment is such a huge money saver.

  2. How come the first place you stayed at in Roma was so noisy at night? When I went Roma we hired an apartment, which I think suited our needs better

    1. We booked a tour which had a mixture of 2-4 star hotels and resorts. This is not somewhere I’d have chosen personally. The walls were so thin that you could hear every word outside at night when people were out on their front veranda’s drinking. Nowadays, I’m much pickier where I stay, and I nearly always book an apartment now with a kitchen as I have a 3-year-old 🙂

  3. The hotel looks lovely! I’ve never been to Rome before but I love that it is so historic! I can understand why you would need a bath after walking those streets!

  4. These are some great options!! We use to just stay in hostels or Airbnb’s but the added variety is definitely helpful. Will definitely need to concern the hotel when we go back! Sounds like it’s in a great location!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I agree they are both good options depending on your budget or preference. I must admit, as I have a young family now, I do prefer having a kitchen to save money on eating out 😀

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