The view of the Cathedral from across the River Seine.

On the very last day of our honeymoon, my husband Zac and I were nearing the end of what had been a wonderful day in Paris. We were pretty tired by this point, low on cash, and we still wanted to tick Notre Dame in Paris off our bucket list. After all, no trip here would be complete without making a trip to the cathedral. We walked almost an hour from our location at the Hotel Des Invalides, and just as the sun was setting, we stopped at a bridge crossing the River Seine, and it was here that we first spotted the famous structure. I was so amazed to be looking at one of the world’s most beautiful and well-known cathedrals. I looked at it in awe as Zac remarked, “come on, let’s head to Notre Dame,” as he had no idea that we were already looking at it. I headed towards it while Zac protested that I was leading him the wrong way. He took out his phone, checked Google Maps, and then insisted he was joking when he realised just how wrong he was. Classic Zac!

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By this point, I’d travelled all over Europe, and if there is one thing that this continent does well, it’s cathedrals. While Notre Dame is indeed beautiful, I would still say that it’s not the most beautiful you will ever see. In my opinion, that accolade has to go to St. Peters Basilica in Rome [>>>>> Click Here For Full Article <<<<<].

The front façade truly is beautiful, comprising of two towers with a round window in the centre. There is a row of sculptures in the middle consisting of King-like men wearing robes. I say King-like as they are all wearing crowns. The end result is pretty cool, as they look down on you just like you would expect ancient royalty to have looked down on its lowly commoners!

Inside the cathedral, you have an enormous hall, which is lined down the sides with impressive Greek-inspired columns. Like most cathedrals, it has tall vaulted ceilings, but these ones are more special than most, as they were the first of their kind to be built in this fashion. They were started in the year 1163 and took over 200 years to complete.

The cathedral had stood uncompromised until the devastating fire in 2019, which caused much damage and destroyed the medieval tower that had stood tall and proud over Paris for centuries. Construction has started on the rebuild, so we might see Notre Dame fully restored by the time we can fully travel again.

One of the cathedral’s main features is the magnificent rose window, which is almost ten meters in diameter and adorned with biblical images of Adam and Eve. At the time of its construction, it was the largest rose window ever created. It truly is stunning.

The Rose Window

Suppose you need to burn off some calories after overindulging on too many Parisian treats (like me at breakfast). In that case, you might be interested in climbing the 400 steps up to the cathedral towers to visit the home of Quasimodo, who was made famous in the book “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo. Once you reach the top, not only will you see the demons and gargoyles which adorn the upper part of the church, but you will also be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views of Paris. Since we’d done so much walking around already that day, I’m sure you will be able to forgive Zac and I for not doing the tower climb! No matter what you decide, make sure to stop in at the Treasury, where you will be able to see a fragment from the crown of thorns that was supposedly worn by Jesus!

As we left, I looked back and stood there for a few minutes, just admiring the stone figurines around the door. The entrance to the church is one of the most magnificent I’ve ever seen. Massive arches embedded with stone-carved heads are surrounded by statues of gargoyles and an ancient-style leaf motif. Right in the center stands the impressive thick wooden door, which looks more than capable of withstanding an onslaught from either battering rams or angry mobs.

6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France |

Check out the amazing detail of the sculptures around the door!

Thanks for reading my post on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Despite the terrible fire that tore through this landmark church in April 2019, it would still be worth a visit. I’ve recently seen new photo’s of the rebuilt church and it doesn’t look as though the well known spire that collapsed in the fire is going to be rebuilt which is a shame. Are you planning on visiting Paris in the future? Where would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The beautiful interior
Part of the beautiful exterior


  1. I visited Notre Dame Cathedral a few years back on a day trip to Paris with my partner, although I’m not sure I’d walk 2 hours just to see it, did you really do that?

    1. I swear down on my life. We were absolutely skint and were right at the end of our honeymoon. We had less than 10 euros left to our name and it was either walk there and back or buy a crepe. I chose the crepe LOL. I broke the journey up though on the way there by stopping at Hotel des Invalides. My feet were on fire when I got back to the hotel ha ha.

  2. Yeah, the Notre Dame cathedral is a must visit in Paris. It’s a historical enchanting place. I’ve visited there more than 10 years ago with my family. Thank you for sharing. Awesome post!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and to take the time to comment Fadima. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I would be interested to go back and see what it now looks like post-fire!

  3. All of these photos look gorgeous and I imagine they’re not even doing true justice to how beautiful it really is! Notre Dame is on my travel list, hopefully one day! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Very true my friend. It’s hard to do such an amazing building justice. Mind you they were taken on an old camera, so I’d love to head back here and the rest of Paris with my new DSLR and photograph it again – and the whole of Paris 🙂 *** starts googling flights to Paris*** LOL! I hope you get to see it one day. It is beautiful 🙂

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