Every time I think of Central Park, it reminds me of the film Elf! Anyone else?

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The iconic Central Park

When I visited Central Park for the first time, I figured it would only take me around an hour or so to fully explore it. How hard could it be, right? At the time, I didn’t know that the park was actually over 185 acres in size! I was kidding myself into believing it would be possible to do it all on foot. To resolve my dilemma, I decided to take the cheaters option and jumped onto the back of a Pedicab, which was operated by an awesome woman. It felt like being in a chariot, but with a roof and open sides – it was a great option due to the beautiful sunny day! I sat back and took in the sights while I was cycled around for an hour, being pulled along while being shown some of the most popular spots in the park. My cyclist spoke to me the whole time and didn’t seem to get out of breath once – superwomen, perhaps?

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There are heaps of lawns and avenues within the park for visitors to enjoy. Either relax on the grass or take a stroll, the choice is yours. One of the highlights for me was the memorial within the Strawberry Fields. Being a huge Beatles fan, it was very touching to see the Imagine mosaic dedicated to John Lennon. The mosaic is placed here because it is directly across from the Dakota Building where he used to live. It marks the spot where he was shot and killed in 1980 as he was entering his apartment block. On my visit twenty-six years later, people young and old still come to pay their respects to this legend, as is illustrated by the abundance of flowers they leave behind in tribute to him.

Stock photo from Unsplash

I also got to see the Friends Fountain too, which I was super excited about. Although I’ve seen hundreds of fountains in my time that are much prettier and way more extravagant than this, I still found it really exciting to see it in the flesh. Its real name is the Bethesda Fountain, but I will always call it the Friends Fountain.

I plan to explore more of the park when I get to go back, as I would like to see the Alice in Wonderland fountain, Central Park Zoo, and the Belvedere Castle, because I just love castles!

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