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If you are going to splurge on one thing in New York – let it be going to see a Broadway show! They are epic

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that only New Yorkers tend to know. If you don’t necessarily mind which Broadway show you’re going to watch, then you can buy cheap same-day tickets from a little ticket booth in Times Square. I think that if you visit New York and don’t go to a Broadway show, or at least walk up this magnificent avenue, then you are insane! I would be genuinely sad for you. So don’t do that.

Some friends and I had purchased tickets to watch The Jersey Boys during our trip, but our booking agent stuffed up and booked a date for several months after we would have left New York! We were gutted! At first, we thought we would miss out on seeing a Broadway show, but our hotel receptionist advised us to take our tickets and exchange them at this mystery booth in Times Square. Once there, we could see what shows were playing that night and trade them to watch another one instead.

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Although we were only around a 10-minute cab ride away, the big dilemma was that it was almost 7 PM, and most shows start at 8 PM on the dot. We had to hustle to get there, exchange our tickets, then find our seats in the theatre before the performance began. We had no time to lose, so we raced outside, jumped in a cab, and I’d like to say that we raced through the streets of New York City at break-neck speed, like a cool action movie, but the fact is, we pulled out from the curb, joined the traffic and sat there for around six weeks. At least that’s how it felt, anyway. We actually pulled into Times Square at 7:55 PM, ran straight up to the booth, and I shouted,

“What’s showing tonight?!”

The teller promptly replied, “Beauty and the Beast!”

“Sold!” and that was that! I didn’t even ask the other girls if this show was okay, as there was no time to lose. I just exchanged the tickets with the teller, then he tells me…

“I don’t think you’re going to make it in time!” but he exchanged the tickets anyway and told us where to find the theatre, which luckily was just around the corner, right off Broadway. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us and found the theatre just as they were closing the doors. The steward quickly took us to our seats, while all the while we were suffering glares from everyone in the theatre. The fact that we were sat smack-bang in the middle of the front row only added to the length of our walk of shame! It was worth it though, because Beauty and the Beast was sensational! The ending with all the props and special effects was so incredible that my friend snuck her camera out and snapped a couple of photos. If there is one thing that you have to treat yourself to while you’re in New York, it’s to a Broadway show!

599 Broadway, New York, NY, 10012-3235 | Buy Tickets Here >>>>>

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  1. Very good post. Highly informative for travellers who want to visit these places in New York. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  2. Glad you made it to Beauty and The Beast – what a fun show! And walk of shame would definitely be worth it for great seats. I’m a huge broadway and musicals fan and can’t wait to go back to New York to see another show there. In the mean time, will be watching In The Heights soon since it just came out!

    1. Really? Gosh, I can’t wait to head back here and watch another show! Defo top of my list when I’m stateside again 🙂 Yes, Beauty and the Beast was sensational and totally worth the walk of shame 😉 Thanks for taking the time to read!

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