The iconic Sydney Opera House on the Circular Quay Harbour

Taken back in 2006, when I was enjoying my first look at this iconic building

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You cannot visit Sydney without seeing this iconic building. It is exceptional and, on sunny days, the roof tiles sparkle making it look even more spectacular. Situated on Sydney’s famous harbour, Circular Quay, it can be viewed from many different vantage points, so you won’t have to try very hard to get a good photo! 

Sydney Opera House, view from the entrance to the Royal Botanical Gardens

The first time I laid eyes on the Opera House, it was Boxing Day 2006. It was my first time in Sydney, on a beautifully clear, hot day and I must confess – I may have let out a little squeal of delight when I first saw it. My plans that day were to get up early and watch the annual Sydney to Hobart boat race, but I slept in and missed the whole thing. Oops! I’ll get to watch it someday.


If you get to the Opera House very early in the morning you can take advantage of the lack of crowds

Anyway, after catching the bus to the harbour from my hostel in Glebe (around a 20-minute bus ride), I finally saw the Opera House. I did walk around the foyer area, but as I was on a tight backpacker budget and still relatively young, I didn’t worry too much about taking the guided tour. I have been heaps of times since and still have yet to do it. Today, I would definitely stick it on my Bucket List, so now I have the perfect excuse to go back.

The beautiful Vivid Festival held every year during winter – check out the crazy crowds!

Bennelong Point, Sydney, NSW 2000 |

Thanks for reading my adventure to the Opera House. or should that be mis-adventure? Are you planning Are you planning on visiting Sydney in the future? Have you visited this wonderful city before? What is your favourite thing to do? Let me know in the comments section below.

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When you look at the Opera House from this section, it looks like a sharks mouth baring its teeth!

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